Island Vibes and Other Stories

  The Bad Vibes Removal Services crew returns to solve murders and neutralize unpleasant emotional atmosphere in a second collection of three short stories: Therapeutic Vibes, Repetitive Vibes, and Island Vibes. These stories follow chronologically after the novel “The Walls Can Talk” in the Bad Vibes series. In “Repetitive Vibes,” …

Bad Vibes Removal Services Short Story Collection

  Walls are no longer mute witnesses thanks to Montgomery’s inventions. Murder victims regain their voices with Lea’s help. Together, Lea and Montgomery can solve any murder. When Montgomery calls Lea and her colleague Kamika to help him analyze the scene of a quadruple homicide, he knows his new technology …


  Young Henry was perfect: perfectly average, perfectly normal. Why did he need to be categorized in school? In this dark, dystopian short story, large scale individualized education misfires for the minority who are merely average. Read a preview and purchase Pariah here.

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