You’ve found the webpage of N. M. Cedeño, author of short stories and novels.

Most of my writing falls under the general category of mystery fiction. Some of my stories are mysteries set in the near future.  Some are set in the present.  Some are traditional mysteries. Others are closer to romantic suspense.  I even write ghost story mysteries. Yes – all over the mystery genre map.  If you aren’t interested in one type of story, maybe another will catch your eye.


Here’s the Latest News:

I’ve been featured in an author interview! Click here to read the interview. Thanks to Lois Winston for featuring me.

The Walls Can Talk, a Bad Vibes Removal Services novel, is available for sale!  The novel contains a bonus short story entitled Astral Vibes.

If you would like to read an instant preview of the book, click here.






Awards News:

My novel For the Children’s Sake won an award! Click here to read the announcement.








Short Story News:

My short story collection, Bad Vibes Removal Services, is available for purchase. The collection contains the first three short stories in the Bad Vibes Removal Services series. Here is the cover:



And here is a link to a preview on Amazon: Bad Vibes Removal Services





Novel News:

In case you missed the last books:  Now Available from Lucky Bat Books:


All in Her Head  A romantic suspense/mystery novel!  Click here to read an instant preview.

For the Children’s Sake  A Near-Future Mystery novel! Click here to read an instant preview.