N. M. Cedeño lives near Austin, Texas and writes mystery short stories and novels. Her mysteries vary from traditional mysteries, to suspense, to science fiction in genre.  Her romantic suspense novel, All In Her Head, was published in 2014 by Lucky Bat Books. Her science fiction mystery A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy was published by Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine in 2012. Her second novel, a near-future mystery entitled For the Children’s Sake, was published in 2015.


Trivia for the Curious:

The N stands for Noreen.  The M stands for Marie.

Although she lives near Austin, the author has also lived in Houston, Dallas, and Amarillo. She is a native Texan.

N. M. Cedeño attended the University of Texas at Austin as a Plan II student.

The author is married and has children, a dog, and a turtle.