Bad Vibes Removal Services Short Story Collection


Walls are no longer mute witnesses thanks to Montgomery’s inventions. Murder victims regain their voices with Lea’s help. Together, Lea and Montgomery can solve any murder.

When Montgomery calls Lea and her colleague Kamika to help him analyze the scene of a quadruple homicide, he knows his new technology can help solve the murders. He doesn’t realize that Lea can provide the victim’s point of view.

These three short stories are Lea’s first cases working with Montgomery to resolve otherwise unsolvable crimes.

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Young Henry was perfect: perfectly average, perfectly normal. Why did he need to be categorized in school? In this dark, dystopian short story, large scale individualized education misfires for the minority who are merely average.

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In the Interest of Public Safety



A small town police chief in the Texas Panhandle must face his worst nightmare: a bioterror attack in his jurisdiction. When customers of the local grocery store fall ill with a highly contagious and rare strain of influenza virus, the chief and his small team race to find the source and stop the spread of the illness. Who is targeting people in the town? Why? Is it a test run for a widespread attack on a bigger city or something more personal?

This mystery is set in a time when multiple bioterror attacks have changed the face of the planet, and new laws protect the public from the malicious spread of disease.

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A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

Pete Lincoln, a private detective out of place and time because of a fifteen-year coma, is struggling to stay solvent. In a world where even the most intimate acts are visible to everyone and where everyone knows everyone else’s business, how does an investigator make a living? Then, a woman walks into his office with a case that makes Pete question the whole new social order, her own murder.

Originally published in the June 2012 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact and edited by Stanley Schmidt, this sociological science fiction murder mystery is set in a future where privacy no longer exists.

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